Top 6 Mobile Ad Networks List You Must Check out!

The mobile economy has been going through the constant change in the last 5 years. Companies offering mobile monetization are reserving the top spots without a single doubt, but who are the mobile ad network giants? What are their USPs for designing the multi-million dollar strategies? Let us find out from the top players, after all, this would be of great help to mobile marketers, ad buyers, and business owners. Isn’t it?


Powered by Yahoo! Bing Network, it claims to be the original creator of D2S (display to search ad format) offering the world’s largest ad network places for advertisers and publishers. In the US, it covers 90% traffic monetization drives and 52% mobile. For the rest of the world, secures the 5th largest ad tech companies rank, by revenue – 2nd largest.

2. Admob

Google has secured an indisputable spot in the Ad server list being the largest mobile app monetization & in-app advertising company even before its 2009 acquisition of Admob – one of the biggest contenders in mobile ads for multi million dollars. However, as per the latest trends, Mopub and is continuously competing to secure the top spot and make Google the second!

3. Apps Discover

One-quarter of total ad spending will be doubled by 2019, due to the technological evolution taking place in companies like Apps Discover along with its contemporaries. Headquartered in India and spread globally, Apps Discover has substantially upgraded its dynamic mobile advertising services to the one-in-all performance metric dashboard products for its huge publisher, advertiser & affiliate network.

4. StartApp

With a clear navigation and beautiful UI, StartApp’s website offers the feel and look of its winning strategies in the mobile advertising space. But, it doesn’t show off using intuitive interstitial video ads that appear occasionally, while anyone would scroll through the multi-screens.

5. InMobi

The latest trends in InMobi is to acquire partnership with a solid database of publisher’s network, securing the 5th spot in “Appographic targeting”. They have a business ethic which reflects user-first approach and has acquired the tastes of different people through intuitive targeting. For example, someone who is interested in racing games would be more interested in racing related ads, InMobi targets and monetizes those ad campaigns.

6. Flurry

An affiliate of Yahoo! Flurry works on analytics and monitors the placement of advertisements on different platforms as a part of their extensive research. To bring in more customer conversion rates, they follow a sophisticated metric system that allows them to outperform their peers in the mobile ad space. Flurry is the official App Publishing network, that offers both paid and free analytic searches to its users. If you are one of the experiment seekers who have a lot of patience to see how ad campaigns can drive higher revenues, we would suggest flurry like no other.

The list goes on with Millennial Media, Smaato, Leadbolt, Chartboost, Amobee running up and down the preference list of high revenue earners decided by industry experts & of course the “audience”. Undoubtedly, these are the top best-paying ad networks one must look out for. We bet, if you are already an affiliate, you must be well-aware of these names already!


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