Which Are The Highest Paying Mobile Ad Networks To Vouch For

Mobile ad network is the only sector which can promise a high payment apart from the entertainment industry. As apparent with the most common usage of smartphones nowadays, due to inexpensive billing options and the convenience to browse the internet at the comfort of few clicks, app marketers have found several companies who are constantly evolving to place themselves in the best mobile ad network list.


Who are the highest paying mobile ad network biggies?

  1. Google Ad Sense :Does anyone need an introduction of this company? Certainly not. Google Adsense is the pioneer and leading web advertising company that has inspired thousands of companies to start the mobile advertising business, worldwide. Setting a standard for mobile ad formats, Google has paved the way for smartphone and web developers to improve their UI qualities for ad placements. It is one of the best mobile ad network, one can always learn and earn from.                                           
  2.  ChitikaIt is a very famous and top ranking company in highest paying mobile ad network list. The latest Chitika mobile ad unit hovers at the bottom of the mobile screen and cannot be viewed from desktop. It is ad code enabled and are visible to targeted audiences. The ad units are compatible with Google Adsense so you can use both for your site.                                                                                                                                                                      
  3.  InmobiOne of the most dedicated and largest mobile advertising company, it is certainly one of the most preferred and best mobile ad network. Due to the large database of quality research and technology evolution that inmobi follows, it has consistently set high standards for mobile ad companies to come up with intuitive ads. With a simple submission of your website to them and in a week’s time response for acceptance of their code placement on your website, inmobi will help you track your ad performance like no other. If you have a high traffic, go for inmobi!                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  4. Apps Discover TechnologiesOne of the pioneering names in the mobile ad industry that introduced in-house performance metric tools for affiliates and publishers, Apps Discover is indeed among the best mobile ad network to vouch for. Since 2013, Apps Discover has been single-minded offering interstitial video ad placement and native ads to premium brands with over millions of impressions monthly. For affiliate marketing and banner ad placements, you can join hands with Apps Discover Technologies.

In conclusion

There are many other companies like Adfonic, Mobyaffiliates, Adjiva, Adinch, Vserv, Todacell who deserve to be in the list of the highest paying mobile ad network list, among others, as a matter of fact. But choosing the right one for you will only depend on your niche and target audience. Along with other standards like high traffic and quality content to pace up your revenue collection.


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