New to Mobile Advertising Companies? We Can Help!


Mobile advertising companies are leveraging the usage of new terminology, new conventions and new analytics in the 21st century. Making a good plan to launch your mobile app might sound exciting in the beginning but there are a few things to remember, you might have different roles to play while working with a mobile advertising company or you might downright choose to become a website & mobile app owner, negotiate with them and observe how they sell your text ads to the right audience on your mobile app. Mostly mobile advertising companies offer ads through SDK for people who approach them with a mobile app.

new to mobile advertising

They have an inventory of world’s top advertisers and publishers, working with whom you’ll come to know how ads can become more interactive and engaging for your target audience. Learning mobile ad placement is a constant thing and it is probable to learn new techniques even though mobile advertisers and affiliates are in the industry for decades. Because, the introduction of new technology has challenged the tech savvy experts to learn the codes and analytics in a whole new level. When it comes to mobile, $114 billion ad spend is expected by the year 2018. One of the big reasons to invest in this industry is the fast communication platform and ad skipping convenience for audience which makes it people-based and quite preferable for all the app marketers involved as they now have a different outlook for targeting all together.

Obviously it doesn’t do good for traditional advertising channels like TV, radio station to loose audience because of the high paced and most demanding technology driven transformation brought about by mobile advertising companies. Great examples to support this kind of change would be the new product review and advertising options initiated by Youtube, buying pins option offered by Pinterest and Instagram’s instaFollow premium APK that allows users to check who unfollowed and set criteria for targeted followers, Twitter’s in post ad serving, Facebook’s new advert management system and much more.

Mobile app marketing has a great potential and can make you a millionaire, with of course the most renowned mobile advertising company if you know how to leverage technology by teaming up with quality app developers and ad networks to work in your favor.


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