Find Your Best Bet Through Highest Paying Mobile Ad Network

For bloggers, publishers, and affiliates, CPM is the ultimate method of earning some extra cash apart from their regular working hours. They might take it as a full-time business or might not, but, no matter what their working status is, you are sure to be amazed at the way they make money when it comes to collaborating with the highest paying mobile ad networks & monetizing every single impression on their website. If you scroll through some of their sites, you might get an idea of how much CTR success they might be having through PPC ads.

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Which kind of traffic do they have?

Of course, their traffic is non-incentive as their content quality matches those with the standards set by major search engines and the volume and frequency of updates are unmatched unlike any other. When it comes to blogging or dealing with a good content website, it is imperative that the mastermind behind the site must be a passionate blogger at heart, as apparent with the kind of content they share & with the detailing of their website UI designs. Knowing how to dispense free info as well as enticing audiences with “free to sign-up” newsletters for more info on a given topic. Joining hands with the best mobile ad network only make things easier for them. CPM and CPA affiliate networks let you earn more than what you can through just other payment models. Adsense, Revenue hits, Propeller Ads, Apps Discover Technologies support Ad formats in Display ads, text ads, Pop-up, On click Ads, Video Ads at a lucrative pay rate. Now, the next question will be about approval that you might ask! So, here it is.

What is the Approval Process for Highest Paying Mobile Ad Networks?

Within the highest paying ad network range, there are two categories. One is Tier 1 or premium ad network that requires 1 lac traffic and more to start with and the second is, Tier 2 that might buy traffic from the latter and allows little traffic users to sign up for a good pay out as per general standards of campaigns. As per industry experts, the best ad networks ask for at least 30,000 new visitors per month on publisher site. That number might vary but we believe, in order to get paid 2x or 3x more than normal income through CPM based ads, quality content and high traffic are unbeatable, any day!

In conclusion

Getting into referral business is easy but one must understand the kind of content and traffic that might sync with ad serving requirements of the new ad network that one might choose to work with. Seasons change, so does the ranking of these ad networks based on their revenue generation and traffic reach. They are fiercely competing. At this point, it is best to consult the best mobile ad network like Apps Discover Technologies who can solve your queries regarding any ad campaigns.

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