Why Publisher Ad Network Needs Affiliate Tracking Platform like No Other

Publisher ad network is following a steep growth using referral programs, worldwide. Be it be small companies or major brands, everyone is looking forward to capitalize their ad network business by collaborating with publishers & advertisers. Ad revenues are expected to grow up to $239.87 billion by 2019 which is a very positive news for new players in the market as well as big brands that are looking for acquisitions.

However, in affiliate marketing, it has been observed that publishers are suffering from low payments even after having a transparent agreement with an ad hosting website owner (or another publisher), their payments either get stuck or are reversed as per the latter’s requirements. Understanding this appalling situation, some of the ad networks based out of India has introduced performance metric software also called as ‘affiliate tracking platform’ which provide the best kind of analytics on CPI ad spending and actual installs. The software also offers real-time tracking options in such a way that publishers & affiliates can gauge their lead generation capabilities in an instant.

publisher performance metrics

How Does the CPI Ad Network for Publisher Work?

Publishers work with online ad networks to monetize their ad inventories or provide hosting services to other advertisers in a per sale commission or ad banner click basis. This payment module can differ with different merchants and ad network, either they get paid directly or through an ad network in weekly or bi-weekly, monthly basis. There are several ad agencies with affiliate network to choose from and these publishers sign up with one of these, paying a little fee for monthly subscriptions. Sometimes, these payments are waived off.

In affiliate marketing, based on a cost per install payment model, generally publishers offer their mobile apps to place ad banners or text ads to an ad network who already have a substantial amount of traffic to run these ads. Now, the catch here is, ad networks are keen to provide only targeted audiences as off location or off target audience might increase accidental clicks and loss of revenues for both the parties involved. So, the more relevant the ad is served, the better the CTR and fill rates!

In Conclusion

Affiliate marketing using a CPI ad network for publisher isn’t an easy game. It takes years of experience to know where you are heading although high paying affiliate programs might motivate you to try multiple avenues but an affiliate tracking platform might just make it easy for you. The best part of using support from an ad network on affiliate tracking is that, everything becomes transparent and you get 24/7 calling options. It is an easy to use and reliable platform for publisher ad network and advertisers, new affiliates that can benefit from the knowledge of executive team of parent company. With more and more people switching over to online media usage by 2017, accounting to billions worldwide, online ad networks are going to scale fresh summits in the aggregation of publisher ad space & sale to advertisers at a lucrative rate. Contact premium ad network – Apps Discover Technologies to sign up for affiliate marketing. Contact No : +91-124-4007787  &  Email : info@appsdiscover.com.


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