How to Promote Your Mobile Apps Using CPI Mobile Networks

Developing an android mobile app is a costly affair no matter where you are located. But, irrespective of all the challenges and multiple hours of hard work that you put in to develop the ‘perfect’ model that works for your business, a mobile app is a status symbol as it also drives revenue for your business. It is undeniable. In a stat published in one of the popular public forum regarding premium ad networks, it has been stated that the cost of an Android App varies from $10,000 to $200,000 as per requirement of the outsourcing company. It is not just a news that app developers are asking for a hike every now and then but the truth is that they deserve it. Developers are driving the CPI mobile network, and also selling traffic to substantial clients worldwide.

high cpi

How CPI Mobile Networks Are Helpful :

CPI mobile networks help you drive a CPC ad campaign if you know how to leverage from non-incentive traffic – the one in which they willingly download your app & recommend it to others. But, it has been noticed by account managers that only CPI/CPA payment model can make you rich if you have an app which is irresistible.

According to a recent research, it has been observed that around 40% of clicks in mobile ad campaign are accidental which causes the incentive traffic barometer to reach a high point as a publisher you just can’t make money accidentally but need a sustainable business model to monetize your campaign. However, there is a smart way out from all this. First and foremost, you can try product launch testing for first 2-3 months. See how the audience is responding to your app. Then ascertain whether you can mix two payment models together just to see which one works better i.e CPA or CPI. This helps you set a budget on actual installs and save money for the next campaign – just plan!

There are various companies offering you cost per install indexes for free & also let you run a test ad campaign. Performance metric tools developed by leading mobile ad networks also ensure that you keep an eye on how to monetize your mobile ad traffic using a single dashboard sign in. For both publishers and advertisers, mobile monetization and user acquisition related solutions are offered by premium ad networks. So, whether you want to run your CPC Ad Banner on their high traffic website or need traffic for your in-app ads, you will not be disappointed.


It is better to choose CPI as CPA is costlier to run, requiring both publisher and advertiser to work together to reap benefits. Whereas, to promote your mobile app, you can gauge your budget and ad spending capabilities, then approach a premium ad network to help you choose the kind of payment model which would be best for you. For all mobile monetization solutions and affiliate marketing contact – Apps Discover technologies – a premium ad network, based out in India. Contact No : +91-124-4007787 & Email at


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