5 Tips Can Help You Monetize Your Mobile App

Smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives. We can see people chattering with their loved ones, booking tickets and food via mobile apps and consuming mobile ads which was not possible a few years back. Advertisers who depended solely upon desktops now are shifting to in-app advertising completely for a steep growth of 30% reach per year, globally. Monetize your mobile app if you are a publisher or advertiser looking to place ads for your target audience. Who can help? Of course, a mobile ad network.

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Mobile touch games like “Angry birds”, “Candy crush saga”, “Minions paradise”, “Iron man 3” are becoming more popular day by day, accessed by billions all over the globe. No matter what our age is, we love to play video games in our smartphone. If you are a publisher, consider to monetize your mobile app to establish your brand name & propagate it to a large audience. Earning revenue via mobile app is possible when your app ranks in app store, and the ranking is possible due to simple search fetching by studying user behavior. Mobile app store ranking doesn’t always work like website ranking. People will type simple phrases like “store locator” or “nearby restaurant”, “nearby bus stand” to get an app. So, it is important to collaborate with a mobile ad network who has a pool of publishers working already to cater mobile ads to millions of audiences.

Choosing The Version of Your App Free App or Paid App ?

As consumers, we are big fans of free apps. But, until and unless your app is too good to let go, people wouldn’t really buy. Research says, apps are bought due to many factors,
1) Popularity (having brand promotion before launch),
2) Price,
3) Star Rating
4) Upgrade to access next level (for example, game apps)
5) Free for a year then started charging for update.

Considering all these factors, how will you monetize your mobile app?

Five methods which can let you monetize easily are:

1. Using a leading mobile ad network to provide in app advertising
2. Selling ad space to other publishers
3. Linking affiliate sites and their products
4. Using Push notifications
5. Paid app marketing

In conclusion

A mobile app marketer in 2017 keeps more knowledge of mobile app advertising than his senior peers in the year 2000, simply because in 17 years, technology has driven potential online business, exceeding billions of dollars. Mobile revolution is a part of the new era and a leading mobile ad network knows how to help you monetize your mobile app with the help of ad traffic tracking and real time bidding options within a mobile analytic platform. Publishers and advertisers can now track their ad campaign performance and generate more revenues. Contact Apps Discover Technologies – a leading mobile ad network to boost your mobile app marketing potential .

Contact No : +91-124-4007787 & Email : info@appsdiscover.com


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