How To Get Approved As An Affiliate In Online Ad Networks

Online affiliate networks offer easy ways to earn cash as they operate on a CPA (cost per action) model but can be difficult for any account to get approved. There are some formalities to be completed before you apply for these online ad networks. Let’s look at some of them to get into a network worth 1,00,000-3,00,000 visitors per day and more.

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Understanding how these networks work is important before hoping for tie-ups. Online ad networks who are legitimate will run background checks and enquire whether your website receives adequate traffic, whether organic or not, what your niches are and what your future goals are as an affiliate. They have so many things to take care of to ensure that there is no fraud involved and spammer activities are avoided.

How to Get Approved

To become an affiliate with an ad network, you need to provide your website domain name, monthly traffic reports, marketing methods that you use to bring traffic etc. These things will let them know who they are dealing with and how they can help you with their advertising techniques. If your site receives more than 10,000 visitors per day, chances are that they will analyze your website content and offer you an ad code based on the relevancy of texts.

How to Get Started

After understanding how affiliate network work, make a list of all global affiliates that match your industry vertical (or website contents) and start targeting them based on their criteria for traffic or adverts approval. Beginners must have a website approved by Ad sense as that add weight to your website and online ad networks wouldn’t have difficult to know that you are eligible for their ad servings. Just like a shop is setup, you need to setup a website that offers complete information about your products and services. The ads are just going to look like the icing on the cake.

Regarding marketing, affiliate networks are not interested in going for incent traffic, rather non-incent ones. As a website owner, it would be helpful if you build incentive traffic that leads to natural ad clicks. To achieve this, you might look for creative activities for your visitors like a reward on referral or a free movie ticket, free ebook for sign up. Practices of traffic generation are highly debatable in the ad network industry. So, you need to make sure which kind of traffic is expected out of your website.

In conclusion

If nothing works, it’s always good to find people who have been there, done that. An experienced affiliate or account manager might guide you through the intricacies of affiliate marketing. You can offer them a gift of referral or return the favor in kind. Finally, there is no need to be disheartened if disapproval happens, there is always a free chance to learn. To improve your website and to network with leading online ad networks will do the trick for you. All you need to do is, keep an eye on them, find the best ones and persevere. You will surely win! Contact Apps Discover Technologies to offer you an expert guidance on affiliate marketing to boost your business potentials.

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