Things To Know Before Choosing the Best Mobile Ad Network

It is a very common query whether a mobile ad network is the best or it is the highest paying mobile ad network or not. And it is equally important to answer the concept behind the ‘high payments’ so that it doesn’t appear as a magic wand trick for new publishers or affiliates. We must state that there is literally no “best mobile ad network” as such. It all depends on the ad inventory of the network that might be relevant to the ads you want to place in your app. Question here should be, is you app worth the ad placements yet? Are you starting with the development or you have already developed your app and it’s in testing phase? Because for a good ad serving, your app’s loading time, usability, search buttons, payment gateway (if any) etc, should be perfectly working.


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But, as industry experts, we do entertain questions related to high paying mobile ad networks as per earning per thousand impressions. That’s not a problem, as long as we have the right kind of knowledge handy for newbies as well as established app marketers on monetization techniques.

Let’s understand how a mobile ad network can help you rise the e-CPM quotient:

The e-CPM concept works in a simple calculation model of install rate * cost per install = e-CPM. As networking experts say, all ad networks keep the CPI same but it might different in little ratio.

The e-CPM model works in clicks and installations (actioned based). For example – A mobile app on games will pay a percentage say $1 or $3 per install to advertisers. For publishers, it is important to know that the pricing doesn’t change with the change of ad network. Almost all ad networks offer a similar kind of commission. But, there is a big pause here, there are big brands who might pay a little more. Again, working with them would mean, huge traffic on your website or app. Show them something big, earn big. Simple.

Furthermore, there are only two things that are in ad network’s control, such as 1) which ads are served as per algorithm and 2) which advertisers are bidding and paying more those ads. Rest, everything is in your control. According to your budget and ad content, you can choose how often you will show ads, whether the ads match the ad inventory of the best mobile ad network, how you can filter those ads, how many users you can get etc.

In Conclusion

To find the best mobile ad network which is also the highest paying mobile ad network might be a fairytale so, keeping your hopes high regarding high payments might not be a good thing if you want to survive and really do well in ad network industry. Instead, brush up your knowledge and live up to the high standards of the best mobile ad networks as your mobile app or quality ad contents might really attract them and help them keep you as a good choice for business. Find an ad network which suits your target audience, such as games app must work well with Chartboost, affiliate marketing and app marketing with Apps Discover Technologies,non game apps with Vungle or Admob. All you need is an ad network that works with a good intelligence of how to place ads to the right audience at the right time. For all mobile app monetization solutions and affiliate marketing contact – Apps Discover technologies – a premium ad network, based out in India.

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