5 Trends That Will Shape Future of Digital Advertising – Part 2

In the earlier part of the article we’ve talked about how Digital media is one of the fastest growing sector of IT industry, how it has contributed phenomenally and how every company is now considering Digital Media as the primary advertising mode.

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In the previous article we shared 5 Trends that we believe, can change the future of advertising. In this article, we will talk about 5 more similar trends that is going to shape the future of Digital Advertising Industry.

6.Out stream Video

Videos that are commonly termed as the native ads, as they are the modified form of CPM video ads. Out stream videos can commonly be seen on every popular website as they are placed between the content and they have the auto play access once the person navigates the text. These videos have no relevance with the content posted on the page.  They are also known as instream videos because these ads can play before, after or in between any video posted by the publisher.

7.Provide Chatbots

Providing Chat feature to your website is going to be a leading trend in Digital Advertising, as it enables the person to communicate directly with the brand. Chatbots are considered a very strong medium for advertising as it helps the viewer to clear their doubts and queries. Chatbots are automated replies based on the commonly asked question, every time a person uses a chatbot he gets an instant response from the company. Chatbots are often used to communicate with other users associated with the same website like Facebook, Instagram etc.

8.Remarketing ads

Remarketing ads are one of the most influential forms of digital advertising as they are modified as per the users recent browsing experience. Remarketing ads work when a person visits a website and navigates on a specific product or page and then logs out of the website, his visit to website and activity helps the advertiser to design the ad. Remarketing ads are posted on different websites and they show specific ads to a specific person, this increases the chances of the sale. Remarketing ads are now the trending form of advertising especially in e-commerce industry where most ads posts are customized as per the like and users browsing history, this method is considered as very persuasive and lucrative mode of advertising in digital advertising.

9.Programmatic Ads

Programmatic ads are ad posts designed as per the demographics of their targeted audience is also considered as the future face of digital advertising. They divide their audience on basis of their age, gender, social liking etc. in programmatic ad user can decide where he wants to post his ad and the frequency of the ad this is to filter the unwanted data and audience. Programmatic ads are designed to cater their targeted audience to convert their ad post in best possible revenue.

10.Post your ad on Social media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the latest destination for all sort of ad posting as they have the millions of daily visitors which increase the possibility for ads to get noticed. Ad posting on social media websites has turned out to be one of the remarkable innovation in the digital ad industry. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer an economical and effective outcome with a maximum number of views. In coming future Social media is going to lead the future of ad industry.

…and here we come to the end of this dual series article. If you have some other ideas or suggestions, we are all ears. Please drop your comment in the comments section.

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